video games

All my life I was playing games. I’m talking not only about PC games, but also games online, console games and so on. So, you could call me a real gamer. As longs as I don’t see any meaning in other activity, I decided to find a way to earn money from that. Are you thinking about the same? Then read my blog.

I started to search the possible ways to play and somehow get income from what I’m doing. There are so many ways to do that (I couldn’t imagine, before I started to search for it).

  • Making videos about how to enter different levels of particular game;
  • Playing online – using live stream;
  • Gambling or betting – name it how you want;
  • Other….

So, I chose the gambling one, and tried different gaming platform for it. Drakelounge best fits my needs, coz there you buying and selling skins (in virtual currency), but after all you could exchange your value into money. That was good for me, coz I was playing CS GO for a long time, so, I knew how to do this well.


My intuition was right, so as long as I started to do this – I get to know more and more features. This led me to improve my level and get more skins – so mean more money.