After the company I work for use cross border acquisition I thought my career could be over. But I was wrong I even started traveling around the world and specially to my favorite place in the europe Italy.

Tiramisu of life


I am that type of people who could eat just pizza for breakfast pasta for lunch and bruschetta for dinner. When I went to Italy for business things I first time tasted the perfect taste of tiramisu that I will remember for life. Before I thought I do not like something but then I realized that there is nothing unattractive nothing bad taste, you just need to find a place where it’s delicious.


French onion soup


After cross border acquisition in my company I started traveling more often and tasted more nationality food of the countries I was in. One time I was in the France and try to eat French onion soup. I was tasted it before in my country and I didn’t like it but now I can say it is my favourite soup. That is one more time when I prove to myself there is nothing disgusting you just need to try different places.


Potato salad? I don’t know


Germany is one of my favorite country because they have the one of the biggest zoo of all the world. I should admit I never tried their nationality food before and even not knew what is it. So last time I was in Berlin I taste their potato salad and what could I say…? I didn’t like it. But that’s okay I promise to myself to try and try again when I will find a place where I will like it.


I am so excited to try different meals and now I’m more satisfied about cross border acquisition because I have a chance to work and travel in the same time.